Fur Trade

Fur Trade
   F Burdensome restrictions on, 38, 154. Ch Short history of, 119 et seq. E Under the French régime, 183. Dr Complicated questions in connection with, 57. Hd Importance attached by Haldimand to, 260-261. S In Upper Canada, 105-107. D Maintained supremacy of British flag in far West, 37; of the Russians, stimulates adventure and exploration, 38; forerunner of civilization, 49. MS Growth of, under North West Company, 7; coureurs de bois and mangeurs de lard, 14, 168; traders were men of intelligence and intellectual tastes, 27; bois-brûlés, 167; predominance of Scottish element, 219; mariage du pays, 263; Canada's debt to, 281-290; names of famous fur-traders given to Canadian rivers, lakes, and towns, 282; fur-trader as pioneer of settlement, 283-284; character of the traders, 288-289; stood for law and order, 289. See also Hudson's Bay Company; North West Company; X Y Company; Pacific Fur Company; Company of New France, etc.
   Bib.: Mackenzie, History of the Fur Trade in his Voyages; Masson, Bourgeois de la Compagnie du Nord-Ouest; Biggar, Early Trading Companies of New France; Parkman, Works; Henry, Travels and Adventures; Henry-Thompson Journals, ed. by Coues; Harmon, Journal; Franchère, Narrative; Larpenteur, Forty Years a Fur Trader; Chittenden, History of the American Fur-Trade; Laut, Conquest of the Great North-West; Bryce, Hudson's Bay Company; Willson, The Great Company; Burpee, Search for the Western Sea; Begg, History of the North-West.

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